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Welcome to Allianz Direct

Our business is about providing excellent products to customers who seek value for money, combined with the ease and convenience of organizing their insurance cover on-line or via the telephone. Allianz's global Direct business is growing annually at a double-digit rate, proving that we are truly responding to customers' needs. Our business success reflects the increasing global trend towards e-business, but also supports the fact that the telephone remains one of the easiest and most convenient communication tools.

Large Variety of Products and Brands

On this website you will get a feeling for just how broad and diverse our global activities are. Our products range from motor to home, from life to health and include specialty lines such as pet and small business insurance. We use different brand names in different markets allowing us to tailor our products and services specifically to local conditions. This gives our customers the confidence of finding a product that is right for them, quickly, easily and at an affordable price.

Combining Local Responsibility with Global Knowledge

Our business strategy is twofold. Each Allianz Direct company is managed locally where our people are best placed to respond to local customers and market conditions. Allianz Group headquarters support the companies through best practice exchange, knowledge transfer and skill building, leveraging our world-wide reach. Proven technologies are shared internationally, reducing costs and increasing operational synergies. It is this combination of local customer intimacy with global strength and know-how that is the secret to our success.

Sound Business Development

With over EUR 2 billion in gross written premium and more than 5 million policies in 2015, the Allianz Direct business has already achieved a respectable size and is an important pillar of Allianz's business around the globe.

Full Dedication and Total Commitment

You can't have a growing business without great people, and with more than 2,000 motivated and dedicated staff working in Direct around the world, we are confident that we are well equipped for the future. Satisfying our customers continues to be the goal of all of our staff, and it is this commitment that makes Direct an integral part of Allianz's future success.

We invite you to get to know our global network by exploring these pages, and we look forward to welcoming you as a new Allianz Direct customer. Please do not hesitate to email us, or get in touch with one of our local Direct companies at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Allianz Direct Team