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Allianz Switzerland: ELVIA goes live as a new online brand


Allianz Switzerland officially launched its new brand ELVIA on February 2016 to replace the Allianz24 brand. This rebranding enables Allianz Suisse to act more flexibly within the online insurance market. Aside from the new name, nothing will change for existing Allianz24 customers. Both the range of products and pricing will remain the same under the new ELVIA brand.  


The rebranding of its online operations as ELVIA – a well-known name in Switzerland, regarded as synonymous with reliability, stability and affordable insurance – forms part of the new digital strategy pursued by Allianz Suisse. The ELVIA brand is aimed at online-only customers who tend to take out insurance coverage for their vehicles, household or legal protection online. "Surveys have shown that some of our customers have difficulty telling our main brand Allianz and our online brand Allianz24 apart. Separating the two brands more clearly will allow us to better tailor our online offering to the customers it is aimed at," explains Thomas Wegmann, Head of Market Management at Allianz Suisse. Existing customers of Allianz24 will not be affected by the change of name to ELVIA, with product offering and pricing remaining the same but moved to a more modern and user-friendly ELVIA website at www.elvia.ch.

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Hans-Peter Nehmer, tel.: 058 358 88 01; e-mail: hanspeter.nehmer@allianz.ch
Bernd de Wall, tel.: 058 358 84 14; e-mail: bernd.dewall@allianz.ch

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